Thursday, December 27, 2007

Lean Enterprise in 10 Easy Steps

The way to successfully implement some thing is to break it down into smaller chunks of activity. In doing this the brain can come to terms with what is being asked of it and how it all fits together. Implementing Lean principles falls under the same process. It's to big for most people to get their heads around, so I break it down into easily understood steps. Here are the 10 implementation steps to become a Lean Enterprise.

Step 1 - Strategy Deployment.
Step 2 - Value Stream Mapping.
Step 3 - Workplace Organization.
Step 4 - Process Flow.
Step 5 - Quick Changeover.
Step 6 - Pull System.
Step 7 - Balanced Workload.
Step 8 - Standard Work
Step 9 - Continuous Improvement.
Step 10 - Extend Lean into Supply Chain.

Over the coming weeks I will be going into more detail with each step. Enjoy the blog. Don't forget to visit our here

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